I’m going to go off on a little rant here, but it’s with good reason.

In less than one week, four clients of a particular Chicago workers’ compensation law firm called me with a similar story which is basically that their lawyer sucks and doesn’t do anything for them.

What got me on this rant is that all four got connected with this law firm the same way.  Their union rep told them to call them.  One said that he practically insisted on it.

I asked the 4th one if he thinks that his union does a good job for him in general.  He said no and that when he got laid off a couple of years ago even though he had seniority, they did nothing for him.

I’m not anti-union at all.  What I am anti is anyone that doesn’t do their job.Unfortunately some unions in Illinois only look out for certain members.  Others get wined and dined by law firms and then send them business to keep the Blackhawks tickets and free trips coming.

It’s frustrating to me as sometime people don’t use common sense or stand up for themselves. If your meal and service at a restaurant was terrible, you wouln’t go back to the same restaurant. So why if your union is not great do you think that they’ll make recommendations for you that are based on your best interests.

Ok, I’m done with my rant. Feels good to get that off my chest. :)