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Overview Of Work Conditioning In Illinois Work Comp

If you’ve been injured at work, you may find, even after your injury has healed, that you don’t have the same strength or endurance that you used to. This is a common situation. After all, doctors often tell patients to rest their bodies or injured body parts while recuperating. So it’s not surprising that some … Continue Reading

You can’t work your normal job, but want to work

A lawyer who dabbles in workers’ compensation contacted me for advice on one of her client’s cases.  I thought it was an interesting scenario so I’m sharing it with you. She is representing a construction worker who injured his back and can not perform his normal job which regularly requires lifting more than 50 pounds.  … Continue Reading

Illinois work injuries – do not retire without speaking to a lawyer!

We’d like to save you from losing out on potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. The law in Illinois entitles injured employees to certain benefits. Any medical treatment that is reasonable and related to your work injury should be paid for in full by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. The insurance company also should reimburse … Continue Reading

WWE Wrestlers With Brain Damage Are Making a Mistake

The story of permanently injured professional wrestlers is similar to the football players who have been suing their organizations for not doing more to prevent and treat concussions. As medical knowledge improves and athletes come forward, it’s bringing to light the lifelong damage that can be caused by participating in these intense contact sports. It’s … Continue Reading

Overview of TTD benefits in Illinois

TTD is shorthand for Temporary Total Disability. TTD benefits are what you receive if you are unable to work because of a job injury. It’s meant to partially replace your regular paychecks until you can get back to work. The amount of TTD varies from person to person because it is based on your income. … Continue Reading