Without a doubt, the most common question we get is, “What is my case worth?” Some people want to know that out of curiosity. Others want to see if it will be worth it. A few want to make plans to spend the money.  Some feel better by knowing there will be compensation in the end.

A not-so-common question at the beginning of the case, but one that you should absolutely ask your lawyer as you are getting to the point where you might make a settlement demand is “What is the most money my case can settle for?” It’s an important question because, by settling, you are closing out your right to more medical care or additional compensation from the work comp insurance company. If the offer isn’t good enough, you can go to trial and keep your medical rights open for life while still getting compensation similar to a settlement.

So what’s the most an injured Illinois worker can get?

While there isn’t a cap, there certainly is a limit.  What a case is worth depends on many things including:

  • Your age
  • Your average weekly wage
  • How serious your injury is
  • The part of the body you injured
  • What medical care did you receive?
  • Do you have any permanent restrictions?
  • Are you back to your old job?
  • Do you need future medical care?
  • What physical problems do you still deal with?
  • If you are back at work, how stable is that job?
  • Do you have a wage loss due to your injury?
  • What is your accident date?
  • Are there any defenses to your case that the insurance company has?

That’s not a complete list, but all of those issues are important. It’s also why knowing that your 35-year-old neighbor got $60,000 for a similar injury to yours isn’t relevant. Your case is your case and your unique facts matter.

Unless you are permanently disabled, we can likely tell you the most you could possibly get if we have answers to these questions.  When it comes to future medical care, you can also get a lump sum for that treatment that should go directly into your pocket and not be subject to attorney fees.

The answer to this question is not a realistic one at the beginning of a case, but certainly, one that should be discussed at the end of your claim.  The more we get for you, the more we get for us, so selfishly we are motivated to do the best we can for you.  If you want to discuss your options for free, contact us at any time. We cover all of Illinois.