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Target Workers’ Compensation Claims In Illinois

I love Target. While I’ve been involved in probably over 100 workers’ compensation claims against them, I don’t view Target like I do Walmart. In general, they seem to treat their employees better, and it’s an enjoyable shopping experience.  That said, I also love bringing cases against them. Target might be a great store, but … Continue Reading

MRI’s And Winning Illinois Work Comp Cases

One common, but often bogus defense presented by insurance companies in Illinois work injury cases is that the injured worker had a pre-existing condition.  You’ve probably read some posts on my blog that discuss this, but it’s not unusual for them to allege some dormant injury from a 10+ year old accident is the real … Continue Reading

Illinois Teacher Slip And Falls At Work

I love reading Illinois work comp case law updates. Sometimes the law changes. Sometimes a new case clarifies how existing law should be applied. The other day I read two cases back to back that were similar, but slightly different because one of them involved a teacher. In the first case, a General Mills worker … Continue Reading

Burn Pit Injuries With Overseas Contractors

While the focus of our practice is representing injured Illinois workers, we have created a network of experienced attorneys throughout both Illinois and the country. Our goal is to help any injured worker we can. One of the attorneys we work with helps contractors injured overseas.  Those workers fall under a work comp program called … Continue Reading

When Your Employer Won’t Turn Your Claim In

I really, really can’t stand shady insurance companies.  I also have disdain for employers who act like the rules don’t apply to them.  This happened recently to a caller of mine who unfortunately had a common problem. He badly injured his knee in a work-related accident.  He has no medical insurance, but somehow managed to … Continue Reading

Illinois Work Comp And Bullying

Nobody likes bullies. You’d think that once you are out of high school they would be out of your lives.  Sadly they exist in marriages, social interactions and very often the work place. If your boss or co-worker picks on you, belittles you, teases you, etc., it can make going to work a living hell. … Continue Reading

Illinois Staffing Agency Injuries

If you are employed by a staffing agency in Illinois and want to learn about work comp law or just want to find the best attorney for your case, call us at (312) 346-5578 for a free consultation with a lawyer. One common call we get, especially since Covid has hit, is from employees injured … Continue Reading

Don’t Give A Recorded Statement

We recently talked to a nice worker who fell at work, broke a bone and is going to have surgery.  He fell so quickly that the first thing he told me was that he didn’t know why he fell.  Unfortunately he told the insurance adjuster the same thing and did so in a recorded statement. … Continue Reading

Twisting Injuries On The Job

I read once that if something drives you crazy, you should scream in to a pillow.  I don’t do that, but if I did it would be because of the calls I get and cases I read about where I can’t believe the problems an insurance company is causing an injured worker. Work comp insurance … Continue Reading