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Slip And Fall Attorneys Illinois And Work Comp

It’s been another snowy, icy, and cold winter in Illinois. With that comes slush and slippery sidewalks, parking lots and entryways. I’ve had more calls from people looking for Illinois slip and fall attorneys this winter than any time in my 25-year career. Let’s start with the bad news. Illinois has some very tough slip … Continue Reading

Illinois Work Comp When You Are Shot

We are work injury attorneys in Chicago with over 24 years of experience. If you would like a free consultation, call us any time at 312-346-5578.  We help with cases everywhere in Illinois. Did you know that not every injury that occurs at work is covered by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act?  Your injury has … Continue Reading

Illinois Workers Comp When Your Chair Rolls

Without hearing the facts, you likely wouldn’t think just sitting on a chair could lead to an Illinois workers’ compensation case.  People sit in chairs every day of course. But for one City of Chicago worker recently and hundreds of others every year, there are legit cases of work injuries that happen from trying to … Continue Reading

When You Are Attacked At Work

The last two years have made people crazy. The types of calls I get have changed. I’ve never spoken to more people who have a clear mental illness than I have recently. I’ve also never been contacted by more people who have been attacked on the job. It’s not just people trying to enforce mask … Continue Reading

Target Workers’ Compensation Claims In Illinois

I love Target. While I’ve been involved in probably over 100 workers’ compensation claims against them, I don’t view Target like I do Walmart. In general, they seem to treat their employees better, and it’s an enjoyable shopping experience.  That said, I also love bringing cases against them. Target might be a great store, but … Continue Reading

MRI’s And Winning Illinois Work Comp Cases

One common, but often bogus defense presented by insurance companies in Illinois work injury cases is that the injured worker had a pre-existing condition.  You’ve probably read some posts on my blog that discuss this, but it’s not unusual for them to allege some dormant injury from a 10+ year old accident is the real … Continue Reading

Illinois Teacher Slip And Falls At Work

I love reading Illinois work comp case law updates. Sometimes the law changes. Sometimes a new case clarifies how existing law should be applied. The other day I read two cases back to back that were similar, but slightly different because one of them involved a teacher. In the first case, a General Mills worker … Continue Reading