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Do I have an Illinois workers compensation case? How to file for workmans comp in Chicago. Tips if injured on the job in Illinois. Speak to an attorney for free.

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“I was hurt my second day on the job”

We are experienced Illinois work injury attorneys who will talk to you for free and give direct, honest advice.  If you want our help fill out our contact form or call us at 312-346-5578.  We cover all of Illinois. I don’t know how to install drywall.  I can be handy, but installing drywall is something … Continue Reading

You Can Get Hurt Opening A Door

When you think of opening a door, you don’t think of any risks being associated with that.  My office door is so light that it’s almost comical.  In fact I don’t think there is any time of day when I come across a door that provides any challenge to me. Of course not all doors … Continue Reading

When Your Co-Worker Attacks

I work with some great, friendly people.  While in my 20+ year career I’ve seen some people that acted crazy, I’ve been fortunate to never work with a psychopath.  Hopefully you are in that situation too. Some people unfortunately have to work with nut jobs.  I’ve seen more and more examples lately of people with … Continue Reading

IL Work Injury – I’m A CNA And I Walk All Day?

We represent anyone with an Illinois work injury in any part of the state.  We’ve represented athletes, Fortune 500 executives, janitors, teachers, all sorts of laborers, flight attendants, UPS workers, Amazon employees, etc.  I can’t think of a profession that we haven’t helped in 20+ years of being a lawyer. But we’ve probably helped more … Continue Reading