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The number one question we get is, “What is my case worth?” It’s a great question, but one that doesn’t have a quick answer. To give you a realistic idea we’d have to know about all of your medical care, your age, your wages, your job history, any restrictions that you have, what pain you currently have, what defenses the insurance company might have, prior problems, etc. It’s a detailed analysis.

That said, I want people to be educated, so I thought I’d discuss a recent case where a security guard got an award at trial of 40% loss of the leg for a knee injury. That’s a pretty large result.

The worker was a 30 year old security guard. He slipped on some grass and twisted his leg. He ended up with a tibia fracture and ACL tear which required surgery. He also had a peroneal nerve neuroma resection. Due to his injuries he could not return to his regular job as he had permanent restrictions. He found a new job within those restrictions and while the pay difference wasn’t massive, he’s now earning less.

The fact that he’s young didn’t increase the value of the claim much, but the fact that he had a limited job market due to his restrictions held a lot of weight. The other major factor was the significant medical care he had and his restrictions which limit his ability to lift, stand, walk and drive.  He also has continued numbness in his foot and needs continued medication.

The acts to get to this point required the opinion of a medical doctor, credible testimony, and review of likely thousands of pages of medical records. In other words, it’s not a short analysis. Had he made a better recovery it would be worth less. If he was older it could be worth more. If he faced a future surgery it could be worth more. If his restrictions weren’t as severe it could be worth less. If his wage loss was bigger it would have been worth a lot more, potentially hundreds of thousands more.

What I’m trying to convey is that every case is different and every case requires its own analysis. Some cases aren’t as complex as this one, others are more so. What I can tell you is that almost every case is worth something and that even with a 20% attorney fee, you will almost always end up with way more money with a lawyer than without one.