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The Importance Of A MRI With Work Comp Cases

When you get injured while working, to win a case you have to be able to prove that your injuries and need for treatment are related to the job accident. In some cases this is straight forward. For example, if you get hit by a forklift at work and break your leg, it’s pretty obvious … Continue Reading

The Company Nurse And Illinois Work Injuries

Every week we are fortunate to talk to 30-40 Illinois workers about their cases. We love helping people no matter what stage of their claim, even if it’s just offering some free advice. The truth is that the sooner after your accident/injury that you reach out, the more we can likely help you avoid mistakes … Continue Reading

Work Hardening And Illinois Workers Compensation

We are Illinois workers compensation attorneys who help people understand their rights. This includes explaining certain work comp related events such as work hardening. What is work hardening? Work hardening is a form of occupational therapy. It is a highly individualized, job-specific program designed to get an injured worker who cannot work at full capacity … Continue Reading

Illinois Work Comp And Labrum Tears

We hear from people in Illinois looking for workers’ compensation advice related to the painful labrum tears that they suffered on the job. Some have a torn shoulder labrum and others have a torn hip labrum. In the shoulder, the labrum is a thick piece of tissue or cartilage that is attached to the rim … Continue Reading

Overview Of Amazon Workers’ Compensation Claims

Amazon is a thriving business that delivers to consumers at an unmatched rate. The downfall to this convenience is a constant occurrence of injuries to their workers. Amazon is found to have an abnormally large influx of work-related injuries. This could be due to anything from poor work environments, employee overexertion to high-pressure working conditions. … Continue Reading

When You Don’t Agree With The FCE

A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is a medical test that is designed to help an injured worker determine what level of work that they can handle. It’s typically done at the end of your medical care when a doctor thinks you are as good as you are going to get. It doesn’t happen for workers … Continue Reading

Car Accidents Driving To Work

As anyone in the Chicago area can tell you, the roads have been terrible as of late.  If you haven’t seen a car that has been in accident from sliding on ice, you haven’t been out much. In general, accidents while driving to work are not covered under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.  So if … Continue Reading