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When You Pass Out At Work

One really misunderstood aspect of Illinois workers compensation law is the belief by many that just because an injury happens while you are on the clock it’s a work comp case. That’s not true. You have to show that your injury arose out of your job. That means your job duties contributed in some way … Continue Reading

Apparently I’m a normal guy

I had a very nice call recently with the father of an injured worker.  I love getting calls from concerned parents because it’s a great sign when you have people that care about you and will look out for you. Most of the time those clients are a pleasure to be around. I was able … Continue Reading

Have you always wanted to call us?

The most flattering thing that ever happens to me is when someone calls or e-mails and tells me that they’ve been reading my blog for months or even years and that it has been a good source of information for them. While we love to get new clients of course, the primary purpose of this … Continue Reading

Drug tests and Illinois work injury claims

Employers in Illinois can require drug testing after a work injury. They are also permitted to have a policy in place to fire employees who refuse drug tests. Not all policies stand up under legal scrutiny, and it’s illegal to fire an employee because they are pursuing a workers’ compensation claim. However, the main point … Continue Reading

Why is my Illinois work comp case taking so long?

The length of time from the date of your injury until the completion of your workers’ compensation claim is something that varies from person to person. Insurance claims, lawsuits and other legal matters often take longer than expected, and that is an unfortunate reality in the legal industry. The key is understanding the timeline in … Continue Reading

Did your job put you at greater risk?

We’ve written before about the fact that not every on-the-job injury is considered a work injury for purposes of workers’ compensation. What we mean by that is that you can get hurt at work, but if your job didn’t put you at an increased risk for that injury, then it’s just a regular injury. It’s … Continue Reading

Sometimes you just have a bad attorney

We are a unique Illinois workers’ compensation law firm in that we’ve created a statewide network of like minded attorneys that fight for their clients and get good results.  This doesn’t guarantee you anything, but having someone experienced in your corner can only help.   If you already have a lawyer and it’s not going … Continue Reading